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Direction: Principality of Monaco

The Chapiteau de l’Espace Fontvieille Monte-Carlo

Your event at the Chapiteau

Located in the western district of the Principality of Monaco reclaimed from the sea, the Espace Fontvieille consists of a tent and a 2000 m² usable esplanade. Since 1986 the Espace Fontvieille is an institution "fixed" marking the sustainability of the flagship event for which it was created and designed at the initiative of Prince Rainier III of Monaco, namely the International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo, a global benchmark for Circus Arts.

• Special offers for every type of event.
• An area of 4,000 m² with 50% covered.
• Versatility and modularity: a platform for global communication
for marketing and trade shows commercials.
• Facilities exceptional access: road, helicopter, train, bus, 30 minutes from Airport Nice - Cote d'Azur


Upcoming events

• 28 november - 1 december 2014
Salon Monte-Carlo Gastronomie
• 6 december 2014
Kermesse de l’Œuvre Œcuménique
• 10 december 2014
Noël des « Enfants de Frankie »
• 10 - 14 december 2014
Magie de Noël

    All types of shows

    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA spectacles-007 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA spectacles-018 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA spectacles-008 spectacles-002 spectacles-015 spectacles-017 spectacles-012 spectacles-013 spectacles-006 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA spectacles-016 spectacles-010 spectacles-003 spectacles-001 spectacles-014 spectacles-019 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

    • Configuring of the International Circus Festival and performances: 1000 to 3800 places
    • Allocation of seats (see plan of the Circus)
    • all types of shows, concerts and events
       • International Circus Festival
       • Moscow Circus on Ice
       • Horse shows
       • Boxing
       • Le Circus Dinner Show Monte-Carlo
    • A restaurant at your disposal (Café du Cirque)

    Expositions & salons

    expositions-salons-014 expositions-salons-009 expositions-salons-004 expositions-salons-001 expositions-salons-010 rallye-des-princesses-2012-1 rallye-des-princesses-2012-2 expositions-salons-005 expositions-salons-003 vente-coys-2012-003 beach-soccer-2012-4 expositions-salons-013 expositions-salons-015 expositions-salons-006 imgp1844 expositions-salons-008 expositions-salons-017 expositions-salons-012 rallye-des-princesses-2012-3 expositions-salons-011

    • Conferences, meetings, seminars
    • Exhibitions - Sales
    • Product launches
    • Trade Fairs
    • Incentives
    • A restaurant at your disposal, all types of catering (Café du Cirque)
    • possibility of speech and projection of your company logo, various customizations ...
    • luxury packaging,
    • hospitality and catering luxury
    • International Fair Monaco, helicopter, train, bus.

    Your private party

    soirees-privees-001 soirees-privees-007 soirees-privees-010 soirees-privees-035 soirees-privees-004 uefa-2012-315 soirees-privees-029 soirees-privees-034 soirees-privees-032 soirees-privees-006 uefa-2012-master soirees-privees-011 soirees-privees-005 soirees-privees-017 soirees-privees-023 uefa-2012-292 soirees-privees-024 soirees-privees-012 soirees-privees-030 soirees-privees-003

    • circus atmosphere and fine dining
    • An exceptional catering service
    • Configurations Gala Dinner: 875 or 1000 persons - The total configuration for a gala dinner is 1400 seats
    • Cocktail appetizer / Cocktail bars
    • Ability to dance
    • possibility of speech and projection of your company logo, various customizations...